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Did Blake Masters Just Do a U-Turn on Being Pro-Life?

Politicians wouldn’t get themselves in nearly as much trouble if they didn’t try so hard to be clever. Such is the predicament that Trump-endorsed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters of Arizona found himself facing this week.

Prior to winning his party primary on August 2, Masters’s campaign website declared, “I am 100% pro-life” and pledged to support numerous pro-life measures if elected, including “Remov[ing] funding for any research that uses embryonic stem cells or aborted fetal remains,” and “Support[ing] a federal personhood law (ideally a Constitutional amendment) that recognizes that unborn babies are human beings that may not be killed.”

This week, however, the press noticed that his website has changed. Gone is the “100% pro-life” label, replaced with the following… Read more…

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