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Disgusting Balenciaga Slammed for “Satanic” Head Designer

Last week luxury fashion brand Balenciaga fell into controversy as disturbing and exploitative photos emerged from their website of children posed in alarming ways with sexualized paraphernalia, such as bondage gear, sparking looks at the company’s chief designer, Lotta Volkova, who has posted images on Instagram of Satan worship as well as child torture, mutilation, and sexualization.

On Twitter, many users have posted images from Volkova’s Instagram, which is now private. Detransitioner Oli London posted a sampling and wrote, “T/W: These are shocking posts from Balenciagas stylist Lotta Volkova who has a sick obsession with torture, satan & child Mutilation These pics are beyond shocking but there are far worse on her Instagram which I won’t share Notice a common theme with the brand now? #balenciaga” Read more…

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