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Disgusting: Psaki Won’t Stop Endorsing Child Abuse

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters yesterday that it is “necessary” to give children puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery, claiming that it is the “best practice” and even a form of “life-saving” medical care. She later threatened federal action against those opposed to inflicting the left’s pro-trans agenda on kids.

Jen Psaki’s remarks on “trans kids” came after the Alabama State Legislature approved legislation that criminalizes the use of puberty blockers in children and bars doctors from performing gender reassignment surgeries on kids. Under the legislation that will become law when signed by Alabama’s Governor, Doctors who prescribe the puberty-halting drugs or perform gender reassignment operations on children will be charged with a felony and face up to 10 years in prison for their crimes.

Calling Republican opposition to puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgeries for children “disturbing,” Jen Psaki claimed that the drugs and procedures are both “necessary” and “life-saving,” attempting to back up the claim by citing the opinions of left-wing physicians.

While the issue of so-called “trans kids” was virtually non-existent just a few years ago, providing puberty blockers and gender reassignment operations to children is now a key component of the Democrat agenda, and some establishment Republicans are even going along with it. Read more…

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