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Disney’s Child Groomers Are Mad About Child Protection Laws

From a Leftist source:

Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek postponed a management retreat and will meet with employees on a global listening tour, an effort to calm an internal uproar over the company’s response to a Florida bill barring schools from discussing sexual orientation with their youngest pupils.

Disney executives announced the plan Monday at a town hall for employees that was held in part to address the controversy, according to people listening in. Earlier this month, Chapek said the company wouldn’t take a public position on the Florida legislation, prompting protests from employees. He later reversed that decision and apologized.

The controversy has put Chapek and the company on the defensive. At the town hall, Disney announced it signed a petition opposing an executive order in Texas that would require the state to investigate gender reassignment care for children as abuse. It also formed a task force to engage with employees, community groups and content creators on LGBTQ issues and content. Read more…

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