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Disney’s Woke Nightmares: The 6 Biggest Catastrophes

The recent downgrade of Disney’s stock price target to a still optimistic $110 is indicative of the challenges the company faces today. Disney, once considered a virtually untouchable brand synonymous with magic, family, innocence, and fun, has seen its image tarnished by its preoccupation with identity politics and sexual themes. This shift has not only damaged the brand but also drained Disney of its creative spirit and vitality.

Instead of enchanting children with timeless tales, Disney has shifted its focus to themes like transvestism, transsexuality, homosexuality, and drag queens, which many see as inappropriate for younger audiences. The company has also transitioned from being a storyteller to a scolder, lecturing and dividing rather than entertaining. Iconic characters have given way to uninspiring, sexless figures that lack appeal.

Disney’s woes have extended to its stock price, which has experienced a significant decline. Once viewed as having substantial growth potential, Disney’s stock price has dropped to a nearly ten-year low of $81.84, down from previous levels like $84 just five days ago, $90 a month ago, $109 a year ago, and nearly $200 two years ago.

Investors have also initiated lawsuits against Disney, alleging that the company misled them about the profitability of Disney+, the streaming service. Promised profitability by 2024 appears increasingly unlikely, leading investors to assert that they were deceived by intentionally misleading forecasts and accounting practices to conceal losses.

The company’s film releases have also faced significant challenges, with five out of six major releases this year underperforming or flopping. Upcoming releases like “The Marvels” and “Wish” face uncertainties in the market, especially given the mixed reception of related Disney+ content and recent underperforming animated features.

Even Disney’s theme parks have faced issues, with concerns raised about the appropriateness of certain characters interacting with children. Disney+, the streaming service marketed towards children, has lost subscribers and incurred significant financial losses over the past three quarters.

Furthermore, Disney’s focus on identity politics and sexual themes has not only tarnished its own brand but has also negatively impacted the beloved brands it acquired, such as Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, and Pixar. Many fans feel that these cherished franchises have been mismanaged and diluted by Disney’s new direction.

In the eyes of many, Disney’s transformation from a storyteller to a platform for indoctrination and grooming has been detrimental to its legacy and appeal.

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