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Disturbing Drop: Americans Lose Faith in Military Amid Woke Influence

The insightful words of the late Rush Limbaugh continue to resonate, offering astute observations about the state of the military and its perception by the left. Limbaugh’s assertion that the primary purpose of the military is to protect by force and that the left views it as a mere social experiment holds true, especially under President Joe Biden’s administration. A recent Gallup poll underscores this, revealing that Americans’ confidence in the U.S. military has hit a two-decade low. The survey conducted from June 1 to June 22 indicated a decline in expressing “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the armed forces, marking the latest drop in military confidence.

Over the years, the military’s public image has been a rollercoaster, particularly since the Vietnam era. Confidence ebbed and flowed through various geopolitical scenarios, rising during Ronald Reagan’s tenure and peaking at 85 percent after the Gulf War in 1991. Although the confidence level dipped to 60 percent in 1997 and 58 percent post-Reagan, it stabilized around 70 percent after the 9/11 attacks. However, events like the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and Biden’s policies have negatively impacted this perception.

Dividing confidence by party affiliation aligns with expectations. Republicans have consistently been staunch supporters of the military, although even their confidence has diminished from 91 to 68 percent. Independents’ confidence dropped from 68 to 55 percent, while among Democrats, there was a slight increase after Biden’s inauguration, followed by a decline over the past year.

The Biden administration’s focus on transforming the military into a woke experiment has undoubtedly contributed to waning confidence. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s endorsement of woke ideologies has seen manifestations like drag queen performances on military bases, the propagation of Critical Race Theory (CRT), and the celebration of “Pride Month.” This shift was exemplified by Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Sen. Tom Cotton setting up a reporting mechanism for military members to document instances of wokeness, including a disturbing photo of male soldiers in high heels, ostensibly for empathy with women.

The military comprises volunteers dedicated to safeguarding the nation, predominantly rooted in conservative values. They enlist to protect the nation, not to be indoctrinated with divisive ideologies. Additionally, they recognize the genuine threats, such as China, and understand the peril of ill-preparedness. Biden’s leadership further compounds the challenges, as he displays inadequacy in comprehending military matters.

House and Senate Republicans are making efforts to counter this trend through defense policy bills that strip funding for woke agendas in the military. This legislative initiative offers hope for a course correction, aiming to restore the military’s readiness and reputation as a force to protect and defend the nation.

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