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Disturbing Revelations About Kavanaugh’s Almost-Assassin

The 26-year-old man charged with trying to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh frequently portrayed himself online as a transgender woman named Sophie and argued in favor of mandatory abortion as a means to wipe out the human race…

“I am looking for a Daddy to control my sexual life,” Roske wrote on Feb. 22, 2021, under “AmericanNick,” one of the Reddit usernames listed by the FBI. “Give me specifics tasks to do while in locked up and/or daily tasks. Whether this be number of times I have to edge myself, time riding a dildo, watching porn, all three or more! Message me if you want me as your sexual toy to frustrate, humiliate, and control.”

In other posts, Roske called himself “Sophie” and described himself as “MtF,” meaning male-to-female, and as “F4F,” meaning female seeking female.

The multiple accounts listed by the FBI are traced to postings by Roske portraying himself as a “trans gamer girl” and “sissy slave” in wanted-type ads, some seeking companionship and others seeking a sexual relationship, according to an analysis by Townhall published Wednesday. Read more…

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