DNC Finally Admits It Rigged the Democrat Primary For Hillary

Just when we thought things were getting really bad for President Trump and the Republican Congress, the Democrats have loaded another clip into the gun aimed squarely at their own foot.

In a lawsuit filed by 150 Democrat Party operatives in Florida, the Democrat National Committee is being charged with rigging the party’s primary in favor of Hillary and against Bernie Sanders.

Now, we all know this more or less as fact anyway, but these operatives want a federal court to hand down a judgment over fraud.

What’s more interesting about this — aside from the fact that Democrats are admitting their own party rigged a nomination — is the obvious hypocrisy.

According to the DNC, Donald Trump should be brought up on impeachment charges for allegedly having rigged the presidential election by colluding with the Russians.

But the DNC is defending itself against charges by its own members for the same thing.

Hmm, funny how that works.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Following accusations the Presidential election was “rigged” Democrats proudly declare they rigged their own election.

It has been a long year for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, with deep scandals swirling around the one time head of the Democratic National Committee(DNC). It speaks to the level of seriousness of her controversies that one other thorny involvement of hers has gone largely unnoticed. Wasserman has been in Federal court in Fort Lauderdale, facing charges regarding her involvement in allegedly certainly fixing the Democratic nomination for President.

(This would be the case where a bumbling idiot called the plaintiffs law firm and used a voice modulator, trying to get illicit information about the case, but failed to disable the caller-ID on the phone. The call originated from Wasserman’s office.)

What is notable is these charges are being brought by a group of Democrat Party operatives. The Hillary Clinton email scandal produced documents that revealed there was an inside scheme at the DNC, orchestrated by Wasserman Schultz, to secure the nomination for Clinton. Backers of her opponent Bernie Sanders are behind this court appearance.

The class action suit, filed by one hundred and fifty Democrat voters and donors, charged Wasserman Schultz with fraud for rigging the primary process. These Bernie Sanders supporters contend they were defrauded by Wasserman fixing the result so Hillary was assured the nomination.

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