Dominoes Falling: FBI Chief of Staff Resigns

FBI Director Christopher Wray announced the resignation of Bureau Chief of Staff James Rybicki earlier this week.

The spin they’re putting on his resignation is that it’s been in the process for a while and that he’s pursuing an opportunity in the corporate sector.

But given the fact that the ship is on fire and the rats are jumping overboard, this is curious timing.

Rybicki was intimately involved in the infamous Comey exoneration memo which was edited down so Hillary wouldn’t be culpable in a felony.

It’s more likely that Wray is pushing people out as the spotlight is increasingly on a rogue agency caught in political conspiracy.

Stay tuned.

Here’s more from Fox News…

FBI Director Christopher Wray said Tuesday that his chief of staff, James Rybicki, was leaving the bureau, a development that follows President Trump taking aim at other senior FBI officials who worked under the former director, James Comey.

Rybicki, who served in the same position under Comey and continued his role under Wray, came under scrutiny from Republicans in recent months over his role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

But federal law enforcement sources told Fox News that Rybicki was not fired. His departure, they said, has “been in the works for a while.”

“Jim Rybicki notified me last month that he will be leaving the FBI to accept an opportunity in the corporate sector,” Wray said in a statement. “While this is an exciting move for the whole Rybicki family, Jim will be dearly missed by the FBI family — and by me personally.”

Rybicki was involved in the drafting of Comey’s infamous statement exonerating Clinton in the email investigation before interviewing key witnesses, including Clinton herself – something Republicans have seized upon.


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