Eight Jan 6th Patriots Elected to Office Yesterday

While the fake news media attempts to gaslight the public into believing that the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol rally was some type of insurrection or deadly coup attempt, the masses don’t seem to be buying it.

In fact, Jan. 6 patriots who showed up to the U.S. Capitol to oppose election fraud are finding their way into positions of higher authority as the Red Wave begins. Liberals are freaking out as a result of these results from Tuesday’s election.

The Huffington Post has reported that Dave LaRock and John McGuire were re-elected to their posts in the Virginia House of Delegates while non-incumbent Marie March won a post to the Virginia House of Delegates. All three attended the protest on Jan. 6.

Additionally, Natalie Jangula was elected to a post in Nampa, Idaho; Christine Ead was elected to a post in Watchung, New Jersey; Susan Soloway was re-elected to the board of directors in Hunterdon County, New Jersey; and Matthew Lynch won a school committee seat in Braintree, Massachusetts. Read more…

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