Elections Security Expert Uncovers Bombshell About Michigan Election Results

Voter fraud has been the hot button issue of the 2020 presidential election, and boy has it ever been a divisive one. Then again, is there anything in this day and age that doesn’t cause division and rancor amongst the American people?

We’ve witnessed a ton of videos come out that show poll watchers, all Republican of course, being denied access — which they have by law — to watch the count and ensure accountability for those counting ballots. 

Then there are the affidavits, documents signed by folks that could end up in prison if their claims are untrue, which the left is ignoring altogether. Radical liberals are, predictably, denying all of the charges of voter fraud, but that’s to be expected. They don’t want to get caught and they certainly do not want to see President Donald Trump get a second term.

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