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Eliza Fletcher’s Killer is Back in Court…

The Memphis man accused in the kidnapping and murder of Eliza Fletcher made a court appearance on Monday for a misdemeanor theft count just days after being charged in relation to an alleged 2021 rape and kidnapping of another woman.

Cleotha Henderson, who also goes by the name Cleotha Abston, appeared before Shelby County, Tennessee, Judge Louis Montesi around 9 a.m. local time on Monday for a brief hearing regarding a previous misdemeanor theft charge. The hearing was unrelated to the alleged murder of Fletcher, a young teacher who was abducted while running and murdered. It also was not related to the latest aggravated rape and kidnapping charges that are separate from the Fletcher case.

Henderson wore a dark green jail-issued jumpsuit and a dark face mask, but no handcuffs, for his brief appearance. Montesi asked Henderson to fill out a short affidavit related to the theft charge, and acknowledged that he will be represented by Jennifer Case, the public defender who has also been appointed in Henderson’s more recent, serious cases.

He will be back in court on the morning of September 19. Read more…

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