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Elon Musk’s Culture War

The biggest story over the past week has been Elon Musk’s ongoing effort to buy out Twitter and turn it private. One of his stated goals in doing so is to restore freedom of speech to all of Twitter’s users, even the ones who want to say things that would counter the Left’s Woke narrative memeplex. This has (obviously) generated a great deal of sound and fury from all sides, with those on the Right (who get censored) generally being enthusiastic while those on the Left (who like to be able to censor) are horrified.

They have good reason to be horrified, too. Musk’s potential buyout of Twitter represents much more than just a chink in the hithertofore almost complete control over public narrative crafting that the Left has enjoyed via mainstream media, culture creation, and social media. It also embodies the symbolic effect of successful pushback against the progressive monolith. Musk has done more to put the Left off its game than has the election of a thousand Republican politicians. If the responses from lefties at all levels over the past week are any indication, they are genuinely frightened in a way they haven’t been for a long time. Read more…

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