Email Reveals Deal Planned Between Hunter Biden and Mark Zuckerberg

A recently revealed email from a business associate of Hunter Biden’s reveals plans of a potential deal between the two of them and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The email in question is from well-known Hunter business associate Devon Archer to a certain Jason Galanis.

Archer has been the subject of continued scrutiny due to evidence coming to light recently regarding his many business dealings all over the world which can possibly be construed as problematic, according to critics.

In the text of the email thread, Archer mentions, in response to something Galanis sends him:

“This is great. I will have some edits shortly. One big [edit] is that Zuckerberg is investing in the Veterans vertical. We’ll own 50% of the business at BTC Global holdco we’re investing in but he’s going to own 50% of the vertical PTSD in his and his partners for profit foundation.” Read more…

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