Envirochondriacs Aim to Reduce Pollution from ‘Artificial Light’

“Turn off that light!” is the new cry du jour for crazed tree hugging leftists according to National Progressive Radio (aka NPR).

In a new article on their website, advocates for darker skies worry “that artificial night glow can affect wildlife like migrating birds and keeps people from connecting to the stars.”

Never mind that in the two-hundred years since the development of the incandescent light bulb, the advancement and flourishing of mankind in commerce, medicine, and scholarship has outpaced all development in the two millennia preceding it.

But that’s of no consequence in light of the plight of lost birds and bored astrologers.

So next time you open up a great book at your bedside, be sure to slip on your handy night-vision goggles.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

It’s no secret that human flourishing is a cardinal sin for progressives. This time, they’re setting their sights on light pollution. Environmentalists want to start darkening the world by turning off electric lights.

For thousands upon thousands of years, humans were oppressed by darkness. The ability to provide necessary resources for survival was limited to the hours that the sun journeyed across the sky. Thankfully, human imagination, ingenuity, and skill pushed back and provided a way to light the darkness. The explosion of resources and the constantly rising standard of living across the globe stand as a testament to the good works of the men who invented electric light. Of course, all of that offends progressives and so they want to make it harder to feed everyone.

The title of a recent NPR article reveals progressives’ anti-human agenda: “Earth Is Lit, And That’s a Problem.”

NPR complains, “The ever-widening use of artificial lights is making the nighttime Earth glow increasingly brighter, with the amount of global light growing about 2 percent each year.”

“That worries advocates for the protection of dark skies, who say that artificial night glow can affect wildlife like migrating birds and keeps people from connecting to the stars,” the articles goes on to say. “What’s more, they say, all that wasted light sent out into space is effectively wasted money.”

Sorry, migrating birds, but sane humans believe that human productivity (the ability to feed, clothe, and house ourselves) is far more important than you are. What’s more, the fact that there are “advocates for the protection of dark skies” is as laughable as it is scary. In fact, a Bible verse comes to mind: “people love darkness rather than the light, because their deeds were evil” (John 3:19).

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