Eric Holder Takes Shots at Trump Over Attack on the FBI

Following the revelation that a rogue FBI agent had been demoted for his blatantly anti-Trump text messages to his mistress and fellow FBI colleague, Trump expectedly piled on via a Tweetstorm calling the FBI an agency whose ‘reputation is in tatters.’

That sent former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder into a tizzy replying via Twitter that he is ‘not letting this one go’ and defended the FBI arguing that there’s ‘integrity and honesty at FBI headquarters and not at 1600 Penn Ave’.

But Trump’s critique is spot on. That there was a highly placed senior agent on the Mueller team who also happened to be very pro-Hillary is a serious problem.

And that the FBI refused to reveal the fact to House interrogators is even worse.

Add that to the scandalous mismanagement of the Hillary investigation and it warrants a major, historical audit of the agency for potential political corruption which very likely — and quite ironically — could implicate Eric Holder himself.

Bring it on!

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Former President Obama’s attorney general fired back at President Trump who claimed the FBI’s reputation is in “tatters” thanks to former FBI Director James Comey.

Holder said the FBI has more integrity than the White House, which is facing increased scrutiny as special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election heats up.

“Nope. Not letting this go. The FBI’s reputation is not in ‘tatters.’ It’s composed of the same dedicated men and women who have always worked there and who do a great, apolitical job. You’ll find integrity and honesty at FBI headquarters and not at 1600 Penn Ave right now,” Eric Holder tweeted Sunday.


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