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Even MSNBC Agrees: Americans Are Sick of Rainbow Leftists

Following Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe’s humiliating defeat in the Virginia governor’s race on Tuesday night, a panel of analysts at left-wing media corporation CNN agreed that many voters view Democrats as “annoying and offensive and out-of-touch,” “annoying to a lot of people,” “moralizing” and “self-righteous.”

“I think Democrats have to look in the mirror now, because the New Jersey situation, you don’t have a lot of critical race theory stuff there, you don’t have a bunch of Trump, you don’t have Terry McAuliffe, you know, doing dumb – there’s something happening out here, it could be just anti-incumbent. I think that’s a part of it,” CNN’s Van Jones said. “But I think that there’s something else that’s happening. I think that the Democrats are coming across in way we don’t recognize, that are annoying and offensive and seem out-of-touch, in ways that I don’t think show up in our feeds, when we’re looking at our kind of echo chamber.”

“When you’re talking about ‘our,’ you’re talking about Democrats, it seems annoying to a lot of people,” Anderson Cooper agreed.

David Axelrod said, “I think that the attitude is important, Van. I mean, we’ve become, you know, the Democratic Party, what you’ve seen is it’s become a more college educated urban party, a coalition with minority voters, and the messages tend to be moralizing,” prompting Jones to nod and chime in, “Moralizing. Self-Righteous.” Read more…

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