Everyone Knew: Lurid Details Emerge on Matt Lauer’s ‘Harassment Lair’

Quoth Lord Acton: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

This is no truer than what is now on public display from the left and in particular with the leftist mainstream media.

Rest assured, though, there’s plenty more to come. But what is even more disgusting are both the depth and pervasiveness of the left’s hypocrisy on women’s rights.

Ever the town crier against the GOP for its supposed ‘war on women’, the left has all along been its most profound aggressor.

And now lurid details are coming forth from ‘dozens’ of employees at NBC about Matt Lauer’s ‘harassment lair’ in which it was well known, for instance, that he could lock the door to his office with a button on his desk.

More details of his escapades include exposing himself to female coworkers, gifting explicit ‘toys’ and all sorts of things we won’t mention.

But NBC execs ignored the complaints because Lauer was bringing in the big advertising dollars in his number one TV spot.

The bottom line is this: when leftists must choose between their agenda and dollars, dollars always win.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Matt Lauer, the disgraced and now fired co-anchor of NBC’s Today Show, turned his 30 Rockefeller Center office into a secret sex lair, complete with a button under his desk that automatically locked his door, according to Variety.

Three women who spoke with Variety say they complained to network executives after Lauer behaved inappropriately with them. Nothing was done, though, because “the morning news show was No. 1 in the ratings, and executives were eager to keep him happy.”

Variety claims to have spent two months investigating the story. To confirm the allegations, the outlet says it spoke to dozens of current and former NBC staffers, as well as friends, all of whom corroborated the horror stories.

One incident involved Lauer dropping his pants and revealing his penis to a female employee. When she refused to comply, he reprimanded her. Another woman says Lauer gave her a sex toy as a gift with a note attached that explicitly detailed how he wanted to use it on her.

Lauer was fired Wednesday morning from his $25 million per year job after a still unknown NBC staffer accused the married father of three of assaulting her at the 2014 Olympics.

Almost as disturbing is the news from Variety  that “Lauer’s conduct was not a secret among other employees” who worked on the morning show. “At least one of the anchors would gossip about stories she had heard, spreading them among the staff.“

A former NBC reporter added, “Management sucks there. They protected the s— out of Matt Lauer.”

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