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Everywhere: Secession Support Explodes Nationwide

A new poll commissioned by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics indicates a sizable proportion of Americans support the concept of secession from the Union, with a majority of 2020 Trump voters favoring the idea and a strong plurality of Biden 2020 voters agreeing.

52% of Trump voters “somewhat agreed” with the statement “the situation in America is such that I would favor red states seceding from the Union to form their own country.” 41% of Biden voters somewhat agreed, as well, when the question was asked about blue states. 25% and 18% of Trump and Biden voters “strongly agreed” with the proposal respectively.

If the poll is to be believed, support for secession ideas has significantly increased since President Joe Biden’s ascension to the presidential throne, with previous polling suggesting 29% of Americans supported dividing the Union into regional countries– a proposition slightly different than outright secession. The same polling had suggested southern Republicans and Democrats from the Pacific Northwest were among the demographics most supportive of secession from the Union. Read more…

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