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Experts Ponder Whether SSRI’s Have Been a Giant Hoax

Psychiatrists have been aware for years that low serotonin levels may not cause depression, despite continuing to prescribe the pills, a chair of psychology has said.

Dr Jonathan Raskin, from State University of New York, told he’d been concerned that the theory that depression was caused by low serotonin levels was ‘incomplete’ for ‘a while’.

But he said many medics continued to prescribe the medication, even while they were unsure if they were effective, because it was ‘easier’ than offering more time-intensive care.

The pills could still help some patients, he added, but they are not a ‘cure-all’ for those suffering from depression.

This week a landmark UK study called into question society’s ever-growing reliance on antidepressants like Prozac. Read more…

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