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Explosive: Hunter Biden Faces 9 Fresh Criminal Charges

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, faced a significant legal development on Thursday as he was hit with nine felony charges, including failure to file and pay taxes, evasion of assessment, and false or fraudulent tax return. The charges were a culmination of a federal investigation into Hunter’s tax-related activities, with prosecutors revealing a four-year scheme where he allegedly failed to pay at least $1.4 million in self-assessed federal taxes for the years 2016 through 2019.

The court documents highlighted Hunter Biden’s earnings of over $7 million during the specified period, which encompassed income received from various sources, such as Burisma, CEFC China Energy, and others. Prosecutors alleged that despite having sufficient funds to cover his tax liabilities, Hunter willfully neglected to pay the owed taxes, using the substantial income for personal expenses, including drugs, escorts, luxury accommodations, cars, clothing, and other personal items, but not for tax payments.

In addition to the tax-related charges, Hunter Biden faced separate federal gun charges earlier in September, stemming from allegations of false statements made in a federal firearm purchase application. The charges were linked to an incident in October 2018 when Hunter allegedly claimed to be drug-free while purchasing a handgun, a claim that conflicted with his later admission in his memoir where he disclosed his addiction to crack cocaine during the same period.

The legal troubles for Hunter Biden extended beyond tax evasion, raising questions about his honesty in other matters, particularly in relation to the firearm purchase application. These charges come amidst ongoing scrutiny and prior controversies surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings and personal life, adding fuel to existing debates about potential conflicts of interest and ethical concerns connected to his father’s presidency.

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