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Explosive New Details Emerge from Jeffrey Epstein Lawsuit

Explosive new information from a Jeffrey Epstein Lawsuit has come to light as the long-awaited release of the sex trafficker’s “client list” remains under wraps.

According to a new court filing, it is alleged that JPMorgan Chase executives knew about the sex trafficking allegations against its then-client Epstein several years before they cut ties with the pedophile.

However, a new complaint filed in the as part of a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase alleges the bank even obstructed federal officials from pursuing Jeffrey Epstein.

JPMorgan employees were reportedly so familiar with sex trafficker’s antics that senior managers at the bank ‘joked about (Epstein’s) interest in young girls’ including Cyrus in 2008 when she was still starring in the Disney TV series Hannah Montana, The Daily Mail reported. Read more…

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