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Explosive Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Believe Biden’s Bribery

This morning, I stumbled upon a headline from the Daily Caller that took me by surprise. While conservative outlets like Hot Air and Fox News have covered the bombshell revelations regarding the FBI FD-1023 form, alleging that Joe Biden accepted a five million dollar bribe from a Burisma executive in Ukraine during his vice presidency, the legacy media has remained largely silent. It seems, however, that the information is slowly permeating the American consciousness. A new poll by the Trafalgar Group reveals that a majority of Americans not only acknowledge the allegations against Biden but also believe that the Biden family received cash payments from foreign nationals. Perhaps there is still hope for our republic.

According to the poll conducted by the Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group, over half of American voters believe that the Biden family accepted payments from foreign nationals to influence politics in Washington D.C. The ongoing House Oversight Committee investigation into Hunter Biden’s conduct and business transactions during his tenure on the board of Burisma has raised suspicions. The poll indicates that 53.3% of respondents believe the Biden family accepted bribes, while 34% believe in their innocence.

The poll question specifically asked, “As a result of the ongoing Congressional investigation into Hunter Biden, do you believe the Biden family received payments from foreign nationals to influence policy in Washington, D.C.?” Not surprisingly, the partisan breakdown showed a stark contrast. Only 11% of Democrats believed the allegations, while a vast majority of Republicans (89.8%) expressed belief in their veracity. However, the surprising aspect lies in the numbers for Democrats. Merely 23.5% responded that they were “not sure,” suggesting that they may not be aware of the allegations or have not heard enough to form an opinion. Despite the media’s attempts to suppress the news, it seems to be gaining traction.

The poll results were also unfavorable for the Bidens among independent voters, with a 50 to 29 margin believing that the family received payments, while 21% were unsure or did not respond. Calls for the full release of the documents to the public persist, but the FBI is refusing to comply, citing the need to protect “confidential human sources.” There are indications of possible pushback within the Bureau, but the situation remains uncertain.

The pressing question is how this situation could impact the 2024 elections, assuming it has any effect at all. While voters can have disagreements on various policy issues, accepting or suspecting that the current President of the United States received millions in bribe money from a corrupt foreign actor and distributed it among his family should be a deal-breaker for many. However, given the state of our politically fractured country, I may be too idealistic in my expectations. Sadly, there may still be liberals out there who are willing to tolerate any level of crime or corruption to prevent the return of the previous administration.

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