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Explosive Revelation: Feds Potentially Instigated in Jan. 6 Violence

While Democrats and the media have long pushed the narrative that Donald Trump “incited” a “insurrection” at the Capitol, fresh evidence has emerged about the federal government’s involvement in the January 6th riot, raising further questions about the government’s role in the incident.

A lawyer representing members of the Proud Boys filed a motion revealing the presence of numerous informants who had infiltrated the group. The motion (read it below), obtained by Julie Kelly of American Greatness, stated that FBI informants were vastly outnumbered by both confidential human sources (CHS) and plain-clothes operatives from other law enforcement agencies.

According to the motion, “[a]n agency called Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) seems to have played a major role in handling and running CHSs among the Proud Boys on January 6, 2021.” Read more…

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