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Explosive Whistleblower Letter Exposes Years of DOJ Meddling in Hunter Biden Probe

Explosive allegations have emerged in the ongoing Hunter Biden tax probe, with an IRS agent claiming that years of improprieties by Justice Department (DOJ) officials supervising the case were ignored. The IRS agent’s revelation came in the form of a letter addressed to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, which was made public as part of a whistleblower package sent to Congress and the Office of Special Counsel. According to the agent’s attorneys, the IRS whistleblower alleged that his team had been removed from the investigation as an act of retaliation by the DOJ.

The whistleblower, a supervisory special agent (SSA), came forward in late April, accusing federal prosecutors of engaging in preferential treatment and politics to shield Hunter Biden from charges. He also claimed that Biden appointees hindered Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss from pursuing charges against the president’s son. These allegations directly contradicted Attorney General Merrick Garland’s assertion that Weiss had full freedom to pursue the investigation.

The IRS whistleblower, represented by attorneys Mark Lytle and Tristan Leavitt, previously known for their involvement in the first impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, had approached the IRS internal watchdog with concerns about the DOJ’s conduct in the Hunter Biden probe. In a subsequent letter to Commissioner Werfel, the whistleblower’s current counsel referenced a subordinate’s disclosure stating that IRS agents had long been worried about the DOJ’s behavior in the case and felt unsupported by agency leadership.

The subordinate, in his communication to Werfel, expressed frustration over the lack of attention given to their concerns by senior IRS leadership. The whistleblower’s attorneys refuted a superior’s claim that the agent had illegally disclosed grand jury material and emphasized the need to protect whistleblowers from reprisals. They reminded Commissioner Werfel of his obligation to prevent retaliation and quoted his prior testimony assuring Congress that there would be no retaliation against whistleblowers.

The revelations have drawn swift criticism from Republican Senator Charles Grassley, a vocal advocate for whistleblowers, who condemned the treatment of IRS whistleblowers and called on Commissioner Werfel to take action to prevent retaliation. The explosive allegations surrounding the Hunter Biden probe and the subsequent whistleblower disclosures have raised serious concerns about the integrity and fairness of the investigation, leaving many questioning the motivations and actions of those involved.

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