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Exposed: Biden’s Ties to the Chinese Communists

Top allies of Joe Biden have been revealed to have connections to a suspicious nonprofit organization that is closely linked to the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

The group in question is the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUCR), which is funded by such companies as Facebook and Disney. Among the most prominent figures in Biden’s circle who are known to have worked with this group are former Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, who served as a director at the organization until May 2020, and became chairman of the group in January.

Another is Kurt Campbell, who is currently in charge of Asian policy at the National Security Council after being appointed by Biden. Campbell was endorsed by Stephen Orlins, the president of the NCUCR in an interview with Chinese government-run media, when he called Campbell a “terrific” expert in China policy. Orlins added that he believed Campbell would fix the “four-year nightmare” of tougher action against China that was carried out by the Trump Administration. Campbell also has ties to another, similar nonprofit called the U.S.-China Strong Foundation, where he was vice chairman. Read more…

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