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Exposed: Fauci’s Vaccine Cash Cow

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is expecting $54 billion in profits from COVID-19 treatments and vaccines this year as the brain-addled public lines up to be hoodwinked over and over after being subjected to mass hysteria propaganda for years.

They expect an astonishing $32 billion in revenue for their vaccinations as well as an additional $22 billion in revenue from Paxlovid, their antiviral COVID-19 treatment pill that is being pushed instead of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Pfizer’s revenue nearly doubled to $81.3 billion last year from $41.6 billion in 2020. They have a tremendous financial incentive to keep the hysteria going, even if COVID-19 no longer poses a major threat to the public. Consumer watchdogs are sounding the alarm about the corrupt motives of this monolithic drug corporation. Read more…

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