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Exposed: Mitch McConnell’s Plan to Destroy America First

Between the House, Senate, and assorted gubernatorial races, there are nearly 500 major offices up for grabs in the 2022 mid-term elections. And out of those nearly 500 races, the Senate race unfolding in Arizona is by far the most important. It isn’t just crucial that the GOP win this seat and with it an overall Senate majority. It is crucial that the right candidate win the seat, in order to further the long-term transformation of the GOP into an America First political party.

Right now, though, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to sabotage this transformation by urging Governor Doug Ducey to enter the race, and the only obstacle to his plans is Ducey’s wife.

According to a source close to both Ducey and McConnell, Angela Ducey is eager to be out of the political spotlight, and has become irate with McConnell’s constant pleas for her husband to enter the race. Besides the usual difficulties that come with being a politician’s spouse, the past year has been particularly rough for Angela as her husband has been savaged from the right for his role in certifying Joe Biden’s 2020 victory in the state.

But apparently, McConnell thinks nothing of putting the hurt on the Ducey marriage for the sake of sticking a metaphorical thumb in Donald Trump’s eye. Read more…

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