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Exposed: The FBI Funding a Satanic Cult

Today the FBI are working hard to further discredit themselves. In particular, they seem to have developed a problem with financially supporting cults, and even encouraging terrorism where it did not necessarily exist. This phenomenon appears to occur when a federal mandate allocates funds for the pursuit of certain groups; this often seems to create a desperation to ‘meet quotas’ and to acquire promotions for solving cases related to the mandate, which is usually a media hot-topic. Where relevant cases prove hard to find, an ambitious agent or department tends to create one by pushing a likely target group of credulous losers in the right direction.

An example of this strange scenario is President Biden’s recent insistence that the FBI’s efforts must be focused on ‘white supremacy groups’ (following the events of the January 6 ‘attack’ on the US Capitol). Biden believes that any group meeting this accusatory label poses a larger threat to the US than global terror networks.

Where the parties interested in cracking down on this domestic ‘white supremacist terror’ have had difficulty is in naming any specific groups who actually warrant rounding up and arresting, legally. But apparently, where need exists (and once federal funds have been allocated), a perpetrator will eventually emerge…

The most recent such case (in a story first broken by ProPublica back in 2018) involves a certain Kaleb Cole, who has been accused of conspiring to terrorize journalists and minorities as part of a group called ‘Atomwaffen Division’.

The problem emerging with the crimes of Atomwaffen from court documents filed last month is that Cole was closely mentored, along with the rest of the Atomwaffen members, by their leader, a certain Joshua Caleb Sutter. However, Sutter has been an FBI operative since 2003, and has been paid more than $140,000 by the Feds, including $80,000 since 2018, to take over Atomwaffen. Sutter is additionally the leader of an allegedly murderous Satanic cult called the Tempel ov Blood (sic). Yes, this is all true. Read more…

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