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Exposed: Top Universities Pushing Anti-White Hoaxes

Karlstack has obtained a leaked document that shows a professor of political science at Harvard allegedly fabricated data in order to prove that white people feel threatened by minorities.

This leaked report was brought forward as a complaint in 2018 against Harvard professor Ryan Enos by an anonymous complainant whose identity is is protected by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

A Harvard spokesperson has confirmed that this report sparked an internal and non-public investigation by Harvard’s Committee on Professional Conduct over “research integrity concerns” relating to Enos’ 2016 paper “What the demolition of public housing teaches us about the impact of racial threat on political behavior” published in the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS)…

“There are very strong incentives to fudge data in the field of political science,” says Jacob Shapiro, a political science professor at Princeton. “Data fabrication is theft: its money, its career advancement, its life satisfaction, it’s bad. It’s bad. I believe there need to be sanctions, the harshest possible sanctions, for scholars who are proven to engage in data fabrication. There should be no scholars who engage in data fabrication at our top institutions or any institutions.” Read more…

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