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Facebook: “We Broke the Law;” Fined Millions

Social media monopoly Facebook agreed to pay over $14 million dollars in a settlement with the Department of Justice on Tuesday, admitting fault in a civil suit against the company for discriminating against American tech workers in favor cheap and indentured foreign replacements. The payment is broken up between a $4.75 million fine and $9.5 million in back pay to American employees victimized by discrimination.

The Department of Justice(under President Trump and Attorney General Barr) had alleged that Facebook created a category of employment in listings that only one or no Americans responded to 99% of the time, creating a system to hire indentured H-1B laborers without having to so much as consider Americans. Federal law requires companies to advertise job listings to American workers before bringing in H-1B workers, a program notorious for abuse and corruption.

The H-1B program serves to essentially bind foreign laborers as indentured servants to powerful corporations, bypassing the traditional American model of employment for one colored with coercion. Read more…

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