Facepalm: NFL Signs 90 Million ‘Social Justice’ Deal

The NFL is still reeling from the ratings beat-down last season over the National Anthem kerfuffle.

And now they’re looking for innovative ways to improve their image.

That of course means they should shovel nearly nine figures into various social justice causes.

Because, you know, that’s what will bring all those formerly die-hard football fans running back to the screens and stadiums.

Among the causes they’ll be supporting is Van Jones’ Dream Corps.

Yes, THAT Van Jones, former Obama czar turned CNN leftwing talking head.

Yep, that’ll certainly do the trick, NFL.

Here’s more from Hotair…

We’ve barely finished the NFL combine and are still in trading season, but the political sideshow infecting the football league is showing no signs of folding its tent and leaving town. Faced with cratering ratings and falling attendance in stadiums, it seemed obvious that Roger Goodell and the owners were going to have to do something to put this National Anthem controversy to bed before the coming season turned into even more of a debacle than the last one. So what have they cooked up? A “social justice” program that they’ll dump millions of dollars into.

But will this offer of a social justice fund make any difference? There’s certainly enough cash on the line. The teams will be putting up $250K each as matching funds for what the players raise for local causes. Then, on top of that, the entire league will kick in $73M for social justice causes, divided up between three groups. That’s where the problem comes in. $25M is going to the United Negro College Fund which everyone seems okay with, but the rest is split between Dream Corps and the Players Coalition. Dream Corps is the offspring of Van Jones, he of both Barack Obama’s campaign organization and CNN fame. This is causing some of those objecting to the National Anthem protests to point out that the league is simply shoveling more money into left-wing causes.

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