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Fake Meat Plunges 19% as Americans Reject “Vegan Slop”

The shares of a fake meat company beloved by global elites crashed a dramatic 19% on Wednesday, reeling from pitiful quarterly earnings reports and enduring resistance on the part of the public to replacing meat from western diets with bioengineered slop.

Beyond Meat lost nearly a dollar per share on Wednesday, reporting a third-quarter net loss of $55 million. The company’s executives have consistently maintained that the western public is ready to replace real meat with its synthetic bioengineered plant-based products, which many nutritionists and medical experts question as potentially dangerous.

Executives also admitted they expect a bevvy of marketing problems beleaguering the company to continue, scaring off shareholders and potential investors further.

Globalist organizations such as the World Economic Forum have sought to promote fake meat products for purposes they claim are related to climate change. The world’s wealthiest and most powerful individuals have routinely listened to speeches promoting fake meat at the Davos globalist conference, after flying into Switzerland aboard carbon-emitting private aircraft. Read more…

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