Fake News: NYT Reverses Story After Discovering Hoax

So the New York Times ran a totally fake news story, but that’s redundant.

The details of the fake news, though, are an incredible example both of fake news AND incompetence.

Editors invented a couple who didn’t exist and then proceeded to partner with TurboTax to demonstrate that Trump’s tax cut plan caused their taxes to go up.

And that’s when a U of Chicago professor pointed out that their calculations were incorrect.

In point of fact, the fake couple actually got a tax cut.

That’s when the NYT corrected the record which negated the entire point of the story.

That was a delight to read.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

The New York Times really, really wants to prove the Republican tax plan is a bad idea. They tried to find people who were unhappy with it, but the most they could get was that people were less than ecstatic over receiving $30-$40. They weren’t unhappy, mind you, just not jumping up and down over it.

If that wasn’t enough, though, the same publication just had to correct a story featuring a fictional couple that was supposedly getting a hike in their taxes. The story from late February featured “Samuel and Felicity Taxpayer,” a pretend couple the Times invented. They made $183,911 a year with Samuel as a self-employed engineering consultant, and with Felicity is as an employee of a design company of some sort.

Now, if the Times invented them, it’s not hard to imagine they were intentionally designed to highlight any and all flaws in the tax deal. Tax software company TurboTax partnered with the paper on the story and found that the imaginary couple would have to pay an extra $3,896 in taxes under the GOP tax plan.

Except, well … they wouldn’t.

Unversity of Chicago law professor Daniel Hemel realized the article got a few things wrong:

Eventually, the Times issued a correction, noting, “As a result of that deduction, the amount they would likely owe on taxes would decline by $43, not rise by $3,896.”

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