Fake-Newsweek: How Hillary Can Still Become President

Much as the leftmedia would like us to think otherwise, the usual suspects among the Fake News Awards list of recipients really are actually as bad as Trump says.

And this week Newsweek has reminded us why that’s true.

In a sensational story — which is just a warmed-over version of a previous story from months ago — Hillary reportedly can still become President.

The only things that need to happen are the prosecution/resignation/impeachment of Trump, the resultant resignation of Pence, then the guilt-inspired appointment by Paul Ryan of Hillary as President.

That’s all?

Wow, why didn’t someone say something earlier?

But, given the House report released yesterday, something tells us the resignations will be coming from the DOJ/FBI, not the White House.

Here’s more from Hotair…

Spoiler alert — it’s not “news,” and it’s not from this week — or even this year:

Nearly a year after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, a Harvard University professor says 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could still become commander in chief. …

If Trump did conspire with Russia, the president “should resign, or, if he doesn’t, he should be impeached,” Lessig wrote in his essay. Vice President Mike Pence would also have to either resign or get impeached, which would make Speaker Paul Ryan the president of the United States, Lessig wrote at the time.

And … Paul Ryan still isn’t Hillary Clinton. So how do you get Hillary into the White House? Overcome by shame, Ryan decides to ask Hillary to be his VP and then pulls a Cincinnatus, or so Lessig argued:

Given that there is “no mechanism in American law for a new election,” nor “a mechanism for correcting the criminal results of the previous election,” Ryan ought to nominate “the person defeated by the treason of his own party, and then step aside, and let her become President,” Lessig went on to say.

Addendum: As John also noted, at least some of Hot Take Digest’s employees still have a sense of shame, although on an unrelated-yet-terrible story:

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