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FBI Admits “White Supremacy” is a Leftist BLM Sham

President Joe Biden recently convened a white supremacy summit called “United We Stand” on Thursday where he made the case that evil white people are America’s top terror threat.

“We need to say clearly and forcefully, white supremacy, all forms of hate… have no place in America,” Biden said at the summit. “As to those who say, we bring this up, we just divide the country — bring it up, we silence it, instead of remaining silenced. For in silence, wounds deepen.”

“It’s about power and profit. Too much hate that’s extremist violence has been allowed to fester and grow,” the fake president mumbled, trying to make the case that online platforms foment white supremacy by allowing free speech.

However, FBI insiders have reached out to Washington Times to say that Biden’s propaganda against white people is completely unnecessary, and the supremacy threat is far overblown. Read more…

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