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FBI Agents Association Awarding Officers Who “Took a Knee”

Active FBI agents from the Washington, DC field office knelt down before Black Lives Matter activists after a protest on June 4, 2020 and the kneelers were then rewarded with a $100 gift card by the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA).

Writing for the New York Post, retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent James A. Gagliano said, “Shocking and appalling on its face, looked at in a larger context, this disgusting decision proves the rot and decay at the FBI is not singularly the domain of some senior officials.”

In a report originally published by the Washington Times, a “presence patrol” responsible for looking over the National Archives and the Supreme Court confronted an incensed group of BLM protestors and took a knee in response. The act was described as a de-escalation effort by FBI executive management. Read more…

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