FBI Agents Say ‘Good Riddance’ To Comey

The fallout from the firing of James Comey earlier this week continues as Democrats have started to coalesce on an official cry for impeachment.

The problem is they’re not yet sure what the charge will be.

Meanwhile, news is starting to leak out, anonymously of course, from agents who say many in the FBI are glad to finally see Comey gone.

Words and phrases like “good riddance”, “overdue”, “political hack”, and other epithets permeate those leaks and betray an agency that was in disunity and disarray under a failed Comey administration.

And in his latest interview, President Trump made it clear he was already planning on firing Comey simply for his incompetence–the same charge Democrats made against him last year.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe claimed in his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday that former FBI Director James Comey had broad support in the bureau, but some agents, The Daily Caller learned, wanted Comey gone for a long time.

Comments made by three FBI special agents that were given to the Daily Caller in reaction to the White House’s dismissal of McCabe Tuesday night included, “good riddance” and that the firing was “overdue.”

All of the agents concurred that other agents in their immediate work environments are “talking about” Comey’s firing and most appeared unconcerned about his departure.

“We don’t need a political hack,” an agent within the Joint Terrorism Task Force said.

Another agent said, “It should have been expected because he was not doing a good job. He had it coming to him.”

One agent added, “The FBI investigates and he went beyond that. He went beyond what he was supposed to do.”

As far as Acting Director McCabe is concerned, all three say they do not have confidence in him and agents who work with all three at their separate locations feel similarly.

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