FBI Corruption: A Modest Proposal

As a moderate centrist, I thoroughly reject the radical position that the Republican Party should use actual nukes against the deep state. That’s a bridge too far for a restrained, independent voter like myself.

But merely annihilating the FBI as an entity and arresting its most corrupt members is the kind of suburban soccer mom-friendly public policy proposal I can get behind. Indeed, “Destroy the FBI” would make a terrific moderate centrist campaign slogan for Donald Trump in 2024. Joe Biden’s state security service is obviously out of control. It is time Americans accept the plain truth: the D.C. “blob” is the enemy of decency and civilization. The evidence of gross, politically motivated misconduct by the “Injustice” Department piles up daily…

This behavior has no place in our republic.

The American Right should therefore make the complete dismemberment of the FBI one of its top priorities going into 2024. The whole organization should be disbanded. Everyone from Director Christopher Wray to the lowliest secretary should be fired. The FBI’s ugly and godforsaken Soviet-style concrete fortress in downtown DC should be bulldozed. The FBI’s archives should be entirely declassified. Read more…

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