FBI: Las Vegas Shooter May Not Have Acted Alone

In the days since the Las Vegas massacre at the hands of crazed gunman Stephen Paddock, more statements and indications have surfaced that suggest this may not have been the act of a lone wolf.

First came claims by ISIS that this was an act of jihad.

These initially were dismissed as terrorists simply attempting to use the event as an opportunity for free media.

But since that time, mounting evidence has suggested that Paddock could not have conducted the extensive, international planning by himself.

The FBI has admitted that the scope of its investigation has crossed US borders.

And now ISIS is claiming to have converted Paddock six months ago.

If there’s any truth to this, it turns the whole story on its head.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Did Las Vegas mass killer Stephen Paddock act alone?

Statements made by authorities investigating Sunday’s horrific shooting are increasingly indicating they don’t believe he was a “lone wolf” actor.

Both Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo and representatives from the FBI gave indications they are looking for other possible suspects.

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