FBI Text Bombshell: Obama Tampered With Investigation

We’re absolutely shocked to report that President Obama is a liar.

Let’s break it down like a fraction. As investigators continue to dig through the five months of text messages recently recovered between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, one very interesting comment from Page popped up.

In it she explained to Strzok she’s preparing a memo on the Hillary email server investigation for Comey to give to Obama because he ‘wants to know everything we’re doing’.

That’s a serious problem in itself given that the FBI is supposed to be independent of political influence, right?

But what’s worse — and yet not surprising at all — is that Obama stated unequivocally he’s staying completely out of the FBI’s investigation emphasizing: “I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation.”

So now we have Obama influencing the investigation into Hillary and Hillary funding an investigation into Trump.


Here’s more from Daily Mail…

An FBI lawyer wrote in a text to her lover in late 2016 that then-president Barack Obama wanted updates on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Two months before the presidential election, Lisa Page wrote to fellow FBI official Peter Strzok that she was working on a memo for then-FBI director James Comey because Obama ‘wants to know everything we’re doing.’

Obama had said five months earlier during a Fox News Channel interview that he could ‘guarantee’ he wouldn’t interfere with that investigation.

‘I do not talk to the attorney general about pending investigations. I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations. We have a strict line,’ he said on April 10, 2016.

‘I guarantee it. I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI, not just in this case but in any case. Full stop. Period,’ he said.’


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