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FBI’s Shocking Target: Traditional Catholics Opposed to Left’s Pagan Morality

The recent revelation that the FBI’s memo targeting Catholics as potential domestic terrorists extended beyond a single field office raises deep concerns within conservative circles. While FBI Director Christopher Wray had previously claimed that only one office was involved, it has now come to light that the Richmond, Virginia, Los Angeles, and Portland offices were also part of this effort.

The memo, leaked earlier this year, specifically focused on “Radical-Traditionalist Catholics,” particularly those who attend parishes offering the Latin Mass. The FBI absurdly labeled these parishes as potential sources of “Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists.” This targeting of individuals based on their religious beliefs is alarming and offensive.

From a conservative perspective, this incident underscores the concern that the FBI is aligning with the ideological preferences of the entrenched Washington establishment, which pushes a pagan morality and intolerant stance against any dissent. Traditional Catholics, often dubbed “Radical-Traditionalist Catholics” by the FBI, stand in direct opposition to the regime’s sacred pillars: abortion, gender ideology, and the divisive critical race theory.

The true motive behind the FBI’s targeting becomes clearer when analyzing the beliefs of Latin Mass-attending Catholics. These individuals hold steadfast to their faith and the teachings of the Catholic Church, including opposing abortion, same-sex marriage, transgenderism, and racism framed within critical race theory. This principled stance is rooted in their acceptance of the doctrine of imago Dei, which proclaims the equality of all humans before God.

It’s this very doctrine that the FBI and the regime find threatening. The regime’s strategy revolves around dividing people based on immutable characteristics such as race and sex to sow discord and accumulate power. This strategy stands in stark contrast to the ideals of a republic built on the principles of individual liberty and equality before the law.

Conservative critics argue that this targeting of faithful Catholics stems from the regime’s desire to impose its values on the nation. The FBI, by pretending to address concerns over “white supremacy,” can legitimize its efforts to monitor, infiltrate, and control religious groups that refuse to conform to the regime’s ideology.

Ultimately, this incident reveals that the FBI’s motivations are deeply political, driven by an agenda that seeks to suppress dissenting voices and impose a specific moral worldview. In this context, it’s crucial to question how many individuals within the FBI were involved in crafting and approving this memo. While Director Wray may face scrutiny for his claims, conservatives believe the true motive behind this action is already well understood.

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