Feds Waste Nearly Half Million on Feminist Glacier Study

If you thought federal studies on earthworms or ‘bridges to nowhere’ typified bureaucratic waste, just wait. It gets worse.

A ‘scientific’ study was recently funded by the feds to research the relationship between gender and glaciers. Um, what?

Here’s more from Newsmax:

California Political Review has found what it calls the most wasteful study of all time for 2016, a $412,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for an article “proposing a feminist glaciology framework.”

The article appeared in the journal “Progress in Human Geography” and notes that “relationships among gender, science, and glaciers” have been “understudied.”

In reviewing what it considers six other top misuses of federal money, such as “Men Have Appropriated Cupcakes From Women” and “Safe Sex Videos are Marginalizing to Queer and Disabled People,” California Political Review puts out a plea that “Hopefully President Trump will stop this abuse of the taxpayers by the academic class.”

. . .

Reason.com commented that “Surely a satirist who set out to write a deliberate parody of left-wing papers using the jargon of the earnest social justice warrior could not have done a b

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