Feel the Bern: Sanders Wants Medicare for All Americans

While the last chance to repeal Obamacare is hanging by a thread in the Senate thanks to Sen. John McCain’s “Repeal Obamacare…oh wait, never mind” move, the Senate’s resident socialist has a plan of his own.

As you might have guessed, it involves giving away lots of free stuff to everyone which is paid for by a lot fewer people.

In some places around the world (ahem, China), that’s called communism.

At any rate, the ‘Bern’ thinks all Americans should be enrolled in Medicare for free health care.

The problem is Medicare is for retirees, paid for by their paycheck deductions over time.

What he really wants is for everyone to be enrolled in Medicaid, which, as you’d expect, wastes about 40 cents of every dollar allocated to the program.

So basically, if you think healthcare offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs is great, you’ll absolutely love Berniecare.

Here’s more from Daily Signal…

As Republican senators look to scrape together the votes for a deal on health care, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is pushing his own proposal.

He calls it “Medicare for All,” and it has already garnered support from 16 Democratic senators.

As nice as Medicare for All may sound, Sanders’ proposal is a classic example of a bait and switch. Once the consumer is lured by the slogan, he is suddenly hooked by a reality far less enticing.

Contrary to what Sanders’ proposal implies, today’s Medicare is a giant, government-mandated health savings account that is funded by retirees. The latest data show that 55.5 million Americans are enrolled. The retirees paid into the system for years while working, and now the trust pays them in retirement years in the form of medical care.

How can we offer those same benefits to the 268 million Americans who have not paid in fully and are not yet retired?

We can’t—and Sanders knows it. His proposal is structurally impossible, if by “Medicare” he means the program as it exists today. It would be more accurate to call his plan “Medicaid for All.” Medicare is the bait—Medicaid is the switch.

But is the Medicare bait really that attractive in the first place? Let’s look at how the program actually works.

Medicare claims that it only spends 2 percent of Medicare funds on administrative costs, leaving the impression that the other 98 percent goes to patient care.

But that’s not so. Two percent is just the internal administrative cost. Medicare’s total spending on administration, bureaucracy, regulation, compliance, oversight, and review amounts to at least 31 percent of Medicare revenue overall, and more likely 40 percent.

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