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Feminist Tyrants Harm Children With Lockdowns, Hysteria

Leftists and feminists have seized control of the vast majority of our civic institutions and are coming for the rest of them. For a glimpse of what this future could look like, observe what’s been happening on some of our most prestigious college campuses. Administrators, disproportionately female, are seizing tight control over the student population through aggressive COVID policies (see Michael Tracey’s excellent coverage of this). College students, nearly 100% of whom are vaccinated already, have been limited in their activities, prevented from socializing and gathering in groups, and even stopped from leaving the county, in the case of Princeton University. So far, colleges have also been slow to remove restrictions.

Many campuses opened up snitch hotlines or email addresses for people to rat out their fellow students for failing to adhere to mask mandates or other COVID policies early in the pandemic. At a few colleges, administrators have required the use of certain technologies to track students’ movements as part of their COVID enforcement efforts. (By the way, if you want to get a sense of what a joke a university like Princeton has become, check out this woke question time with the president from the 2/17 Daily Princetonian.)

You can also look to New Zealand for a utopia of feminine tyranny. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s heavy-handed policies have kept COVID in check with only around 55 deaths. This is remarkable, but it has come at a tremendous cost to citizens of the island nation who are now starting to lash back against all of the mandates. Unfortunately, the authoritarian feminist hero couldn’t lock everyone down forever or keep COVID out forever and cases are, after 2 years, skyrocketing for the first time. Read more…

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