Feminists at Yale Demand Frats Let Women Join

Before you ask, no, this isn’t an Onion story.

Though these days it’s really difficult to distinguish between satire and reality.

This headline comes to us via one of the former bastions of truth wherein the school’s motto is quite literally “Lux et Veritas”, Latin for ‘light and truth”.

But there’s little of either left in the Ivy Tower coasts anymore.

And the feminazis at Yale are working hard to prove it.

Because, they allege, there’s too much ‘heteronormative, binary gender exclusion’ in the recruitment of members for fraternities, the gender-confused gals at Engender are protesting to the administration that fraternities be forced to accept women…or anyone claiming to identify as such in any degree, fashion or form.

We’re speechless.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Feminist students at Yale University are lobbying the administration to force all-male fraternities to open recruitment to women in the name of “equity and inclusion.” However, no corresponding push is being made to integrate sororities.

Founded in 2016, Engender is the brainchild of Yale University feminist students. It is backed by an executive board including Anita Hill, now a professor at Brandeis University, and Lisa Wade, an Occidental College professor who argues that masculinity itself is toxic.

Given fraternities “disproportionate control over campus social life,” Engender’s inaugural initiative is to advocate for “gender integration” of fraternities, alleging that these fraternities are responsible for everything from the wage gap to gender stereotypes.

Fraternities “excludes trans and non-binary students, and [they] focus social activities around a heteronormative gender binary that alienates queer students,” according to Engender’s mission statement.

Engender also alleges that gender segregation in fraternities “dehumanizes and objectifies women, producing disproportionately high rates of sexual harassment and assault in all-male spaces.”

Instead of destroying fraternities outright, the feminists behind Engender believe that cultural reform can start from within. By integrating themselves into fraternities, the feminist students believe they can help stomp out the male privilege they embody.

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