Fetterman Can’t Control His Confusion in New Remarks

We’ve been covering a lot of the issues that John Fetterman has, including his health, his radical policies, and his failure to show up for a lot of his prior jobs as lieutenant governor and the mayor of Braddock.

But Fetterman is now raising even more questions about his health with his latest remarks. Fetterman and his team need to start being honest and providing full information about his medical condition, as well as letting people talk to his doctors.

Here’s Fetterman talking about his Senate race with Dr. Mehmet Oz, his Republican opponent. But he doesn’t call it a “race” and what he said came out in a confused jumble.

“We already knew that this is going to be a tight rice,” Fetterman said at a volunteer event. “And we’ve always been running like this is down 5 points because we know what the stake is at the race here.” Read more…

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