Finally: Congress Delivers Massive Victory for Trump for 2017

Late last night the Senate voted along party lines to move forward on the Republican tax reform package which represents the largest tax cut in 30 years.

Though the House will have to vote on the package a second time due to a procedural error, it’s virtually guaranteed to hit the president’s desk before the week’s end.

And now Democrats are fuming.

First, they’re simply enraged that they couldn’t filibuster the bill to deny Trump a victory.

Second, they’re really angry that ‘this bill represents one-party legislation’.

Um, Obamacare anybody?

The fact of the matter is even left-leaning economists agree that as much as 85% of Americans will see some form of tax benefit.

But that’s why Dems are foaming; voters will like it, which decreases the Dems’ ability to criticize the GOP going into next year’s elections.

Here’s more from Bloomberg…

After a year of infighting, frustration and failure, President Donald Trump and his Republicans finally have something to celebrate.

The Senate early this morning passed the largest U.S. tax overhaul in more than three decades with barely a vote to spare, bringing Trump to the brink of his first big legislative win. One more (likely routine) vote in the House and the bill could be on his desk as soon as this afternoon.

The legislation – passed before Christmas, as Trump urged just two months earlier – quiets questions about the fractious party’s ability to govern. The measure’s repeal of the Obamacare insurance mandate also helps salve the wounds from Republican struggles to repeal the broader law earlier this year.

But the celebration may be short-lived. Congress must quickly pass a spending bill by Friday to avoid a holiday government shutdown.

The new year will bring more spending showdowns, Russia probe revelations and a midterm election in which the Democrats are increasingly favored to take back at least one house of Congress. The tax bill, with most of its benefits going to corporations and the rich, will provide ample fodder for the campaigns ahead.

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