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Flashback: Biden Once Attacked 63-Year-Old Rival for Being Too Old

President Biden once hammered an opponent for being too old for office – even though he was almost 20 years younger than the oldest-ever commander-in-chief is now.

Biden, running to stay president despite being 80, was a 29-year-old local Delaware councilman in 1972 when he ran the cruel – and ultimately successful – campaign for Senate.

Biden repeatedly bashed incumbent Republican Sen. Cale Boggs for being too old at a mere 63 – which is 23 years younger than Biden will be at the end of a second term as president if he wins reelection.

His campaign approach was described at the time as bashing Boggs for being “Dear old dad.”

Biden even bragged to local Democrats at the time that his rival, who scuppered retirement plans to run for reelection, had warmly told him how important it was “for youth to be involved in politics.” Read more…

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