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Florida Governor’s “Stop WOKE Act” Upheld by Judge

A federal court has ruled in favor of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, stating that his “Stop WOKE Act,” piece of legislation that outlaws the promotion of critical race theory and other “woke” ideologies on the state’s college campuses is not unconstitutional

“Although this court would not hesitate to compel compliance with its preliminary injunction, this court finds there has been no violation of the injunction at this time,” U.S. District Judge Mark E. Walker wrote on Thursday, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The law’s full name is the “Stop Wrongs To Our Kids and Employees Act,” which was accused by some professors and students of failing to comply with a preliminary injunction that prevents the enforcement of certain portions of the legislation.

In a “motion to compel” filed on Wednesday, the plaintiffs argued that compliance with a memo from the head of DeSantis’ Office of Policy and Budget would violate the preliminary injunction order. Read more…

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